Special Circumstances

Going on Holiday

NHS Rules state that up to 3months prescriptions can be issued by a Doctors Surgery. Any additional medication beyond that for longer trips will need to be paid for privately as a private prescription or organised by registering with a doctor abroad. Please do see your doctor if you have a concern.

Medication for 'in-case' infections, malaria protection and any jabs will need to be collected as a private prescription under NHS rules. Your nurse organising your travel jabs will be happy to advise you.


Do you need vaccinations for your holiday ? To get up to date advise, prescriptions and all your travel vaccinations please make an appointment with out travel health nurse at Ridge Green.

DO complete the travel health questionnaire 1 week prior to your nurse appointment and hand in at reception. Your appointment will be rescheduled if we do not receive this from you in good time

DO ask questions and give a complete itenarary for your travel plans.

DO expect that for extended vaccinations that more than one appointment may be needed.


TRAVEL health forms PDF (complete online, print and hand in at reception)

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