Special Circumstances - Private Prescriptions

Sometimes patients have medicine prescribed to them at a private consultant appointment. There is no obligation to provide this medication on an NHS prescription. However decisions are made on a case by case basis and it will be up to your doctor to make that decision.

When a GP prescribes a drug, he or she take sresponsibiity for that treatment and as such needs to ensure appropriate follow up and monitoring. This is not always possible if the patient is seen by a consultant privately, especially if there is limited follow up or the condition is not one that the GP has extensive experience in treating. When a shared care protocol exists, it has been developed to ensure that the patient revcieves optimal care by the most appropriate and safe means. If a patient chooses to be seen privately, the shared care prootcol may not always apply and this may put both presciber and patient at risk.

In prescribing the medicine via the NHS the doctor takes responsibility for that prescription and therefore needs to make this decision accordingly.

Do you need to discuss your private prescription ?: please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your needs via reception 874894.