All patients taking regular prescription medication will need to have an annual review of their medication. The date for review is clearly shown against each medication on the right hand side (repeat reorder list) of your green prescription.
Please ensure you see our Clinical Pharmacist (Greg O'Kane) for a review prior to this review date. He is fully authorised and works closely with our doctors to do a thorough medication review, make changes and presribe as needed to ensure safety and effectiveness of your medication. He also provides telephone review clinics on Wednesday evenings if you are working or are otherwise unable to keep daytime appointments.

Please note:

If you have prescription medicines and need to have them renewed then these pages will help guide and answer your questions. Repeats can be obtained by filling out the right hand side of the prescription. Please ONLY tick the medicines you need. Help us to avoid waste.

Why not register to use our online request service or download the Iphone / Android App. Once you have registered then you can access with a personalised username and password.

There are some further do's and dont's to help you get them most of the service available. There are several local pharmacies to choose from. Please check this NHS Choices web link to find one convenient to you.

Need to get a private prescription changed to NHS - follow this link

Need to go on holiday and get a supply of medication - your questions answered