Patient Participation Group

Want to get involved ? - Have a chance to help develop the service we provide to our patients both here and at our branch surgery FRESHBROOK surgery. Just apply by an email at the address at the bottom of the page (amrita.dwivedi at with your name and details. We will do our best to involve as many of you as possible.

In 2014-15 there were 3 meetings. The first meeting looked at the serious issues facing General Practice and recrutiment - especially in the face of a small branch surgery unable to maintain staffing levels. This was then translated to a working solution with amalgamation of services and 3 day opening to keep Freshbrook afloat. The second meeting was to discuss wider issues and the questions to focus on in the annual patient survey and FFT (friends and family test). The third meeting discussed the findings of the survey and agreed development strategy for the practice for the coming year. Minutes of the year end final meeting are listed below.

Final participation group meeting minutes Feb 2015
Final 2014-15 summary of activity.

Previous Patient Participation Group outcomes :

In 2012 -2013 we have held 2 meetings and a wide ranging survey to gather views and experiences from our patients. In our endevour to maximise the potential the practice has in primary care, we have highlighted key areas for target this year. The attached report is a summary of the groups activities this year.

You can read the report here. (28-03-2013)
Results of the survey for patient experience 2012-2013.

2013-14 Patient Survery Results (PDF)
2014 - PPG recommendations for development.